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After all a nice start! 

I could find a couple of bugs inclouding getting stuch at some surfaces but other than that it's a pretty fun game.

ok could u plz join the discord server and place any bugs u found there pl

Alright. Just send me the link and I'll be there!

its above

there is the link above but anyway here's the link:

Nice, I did find one bug, where going left and then trying to go right really fast resulted in me getting stuck. Other than that one bug it was very fun :)

I am also making a platforming game (using Godot), what game engine did you make this in?

i used a rly old one called GameMaker8.1

Could u plz join the discord server if u can and put the bug report there plz :

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thanks im pretty sure i have fixed that now

Hopefuly Soon i will be able to add another 6 lvls within the next 4-5 hours max

nice man really nice i wish you can create a part two for it xd but its a jam so i say goodluck to you



it is still in development and i plan to make a part 2 and 3 in the coming future :)


Hey could u plz join the discord server so u know when the 2nd part comes out

yes :)

Great Look Forward to Seeing you there!

I downloaded the game! it has cute main menu music and adorable sprite as main character. The levels are short, easy and not many with several glitches, but you'll get there eventually when it's done

please put any bugs u find in the official discord server please